Monday, July 14, 2008

Mama, be careful of that address you typed in

Like many home bound mamas, I like to look into what other mamas are up too. I particularly like looking into what hip mama's have to say. There are some kick ass moms doing amazing things outside of my four walls. I find hip mamas from around the world inspiring and head scratching. Some are making amazing art and writing beautiful and honest prose. And well, some are just amazingly nuts, but whatever works for you, do it with gusto! They're at least entertaining.
Unfortunately, I went to look up hip mama's and I typed in hot mama dot com. WARNING! Never look up hot mama dot com. Not only are they not hip they are not hot. They are however infected! My computer had a nasty virus from them and I totally blame the horrible cold I have on them too.
I have been off line for a week and have learned a lesson my carpenter husband reminded me of. Measure twice and cut once can work in many aspects of life. So take a lesson from me, know the address of the sight you want to visit before tapping that enter key.