Sunday, August 3, 2008

Easy Breathing

Talk around here no longer revolves around keeping Little Man safe.The talk around here is more like chatter of a healthy family. An average family, without a life threatening disorder. We chat about how your nose gets juice on it while you bite into an apple. We chatter about being a Fairy Princess Artist and being able to fly to making art on the moon and we do an awful lot of car chatter for a Little Man with a very limited vocabulary. Did you know they (men) are born loving transportation of all sorts and all that goes with it? I had no idea. And I've been told that I "Vroom" inadequately by my nearly 2 year old.
With all of this family chatter, I've found myself breathing easy. Actual deep breathing, the kind through my diaphragm. The way we are all supposed to breath. It's so amazing because I never thought I would be able to breath again. There are times, when I see Little Man moving a dining room chair to reach another cookie or climb the baby gate or when he picks on the dog. Well, There are times when the breathing just stops. But then, I remind myself that it's been over a year since he's had a hospital bleed, and he has had normal toddler bumps and falls that haven't sent him to the Clinic.
And I start breathing again.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mama, be careful of that address you typed in

Like many home bound mamas, I like to look into what other mamas are up too. I particularly like looking into what hip mama's have to say. There are some kick ass moms doing amazing things outside of my four walls. I find hip mamas from around the world inspiring and head scratching. Some are making amazing art and writing beautiful and honest prose. And well, some are just amazingly nuts, but whatever works for you, do it with gusto! They're at least entertaining.
Unfortunately, I went to look up hip mama's and I typed in hot mama dot com. WARNING! Never look up hot mama dot com. Not only are they not hip they are not hot. They are however infected! My computer had a nasty virus from them and I totally blame the horrible cold I have on them too.
I have been off line for a week and have learned a lesson my carpenter husband reminded me of. Measure twice and cut once can work in many aspects of life. So take a lesson from me, know the address of the sight you want to visit before tapping that enter key.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

is there anything cuter?

Is there anything cuter than my Little Man having fun in a mud puddle?

Monday, April 14, 2008

All Partied Out

Lulu was exhausted after the impromptu birthday party Fairy Princess threw for her. Poor Little Lulu, it was all she could do to stay awake for picture time.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blast from the Past

It's amazing how a voice from the past can bring back memories of good red wine, shopping until your feet hurt and laughing to loud.

It's All About the Schedule

I'm trying to get more accomplished. I Honestly am trying. But my children truly believe that eating, diaper changes and clean clothes are a higher priority than mama playing with news paper. Too bad they don't like the feel of the glue on their hands. How is that I am raising such tidy kids?!

I need to reschedule things in my life to make art a higher priority. Do you have any tips?

Well, here is the latest little sculpture waiting for flight. Later today I am going to try to fit in my book. Please wish me luck, I haven't bound a book in several years.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Glitter is the Way to True Love

I have been very happy in my little world as of late. We have been playing in the dirt pile (when the weather allows), photographing the freshly sprouted rhubarb, sorrel and the lovely early crocus.

We have made glitterific papier mache party hats, beautifully beaded tiaras and a secret new artistic venture to been seen at a future date in our etsy shop.

What has brought all of this on? Well, maybe it's a bit of spring... The budding trees, flowers, passions and creativity all do go so well together...

The quiet in my mind and my baby-busy home has done wonders too.

But what really brought this on was that my sweet, handsome husband took Fairy Princess shoe shopping. These weren't any old shoes they went shopping for, oh no. They went shopping for pink princess glitter shoes.

It reminded me of just how much and why I love him so dearly. Honestly, how many daddies what to take a pre-schooler shopping for pink princess glitter shoes? Not many that I know.

Funny, isn't it? How love gives you a goose now and then and what can come from it?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Magic Day

"Oh looky, the snow turned the tree into a princess!
And to think, I wasn't expecting today to be a magic day."

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Living With the Fairies

Yesterday she made a wish. She made a wish in the special wishing fountain with the magically lit, sky painted ceiling. "Make me a true fairy and give me a pet unicorn to ride", she whispered in that quiet way 5 year olds have, so I could easily hear.

When I tucked her into bed, she said to me, "Now mama, don't worry that I won't be here in the morning. I'll be with the fairies and I'll come back to get you and daddy and Ian to live with me. I promise". I promise is a very special phrase in this household, we don't make promises lightly. She really meant that she would be living with the fairies and that she would have them to take us all in, as a family.
How could I have the heart not to go along? How could I take her beautiful dream away just then? I couldn't. I accepted her promise and made my own promise. I promised that I would have the fairies bring Flower and Lulu along when they came to bring us to live with them too. I tucked her in tight, gave her extra big hugs and kisses and told her I would see her soon. I promised that I wouldn't worry.

Before I went to bed, I had to check in on her. She was so convinceing, I wasn't sure she would still be in her bed. But she was. Cozy with Lulu and her Lovey, looking small and sweet. How disappointed she would be to wake up in her pink room, without wings, and not in a bed of thyme with a flower pillow. She knew the fairies would come and get her. So I left her a fairy pebble beside her bed. When she did wake this morning, she was sad that they had come to visit and left her without even waking her. But the special pebble was proof that they would come and get her soon. "Maybe they need to build a house for us. maybe they need to make space, it's awfully cold and wet outside for them to be gathering for a new home." She tells me that she will talk to them and explain that her daddy is a carpenter and he can build a house for us to live in. And then the fairies will come for her.

One day my baby won't be in her bed, all tucked in with Lulu and her Lovey. Selfishly, I wish I could keep her for myself. But that isn't the job of a mama, now is it? My job is to keep her believing in wonderment for as long as I can. My job is to help her make her own bed of thyme with a flower pillow.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Snow day

Girly giggle, squeals.
Paper kazoos, glitter hearts.
Bright cold, sunshine day.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Today, I have been watching the green heron catching fish in the quietness of the pond, I have been pulling weeds and tending new shoots, and I have been listening to the the distant laughter coming my family enjoying the day together.
Today, I have been dreaming of the sun warming my back as I watch the Iris grow.
Today, I have been dreaming of the summer to come.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Pity and Accusations

I see the pity in your eyes as we choose the ripest berries in the produce isle;
Why don't you just ask?

I hear your gasps as you you first see him;
Don't look quickly away like you didn't gasp, smile at him and say "hi".

I see the glaring accusations in your eyes as we play in the park;
Stop whispering and call Child Services if you are really concerned...

Have you ever seen a child you suspected being abused or mistreated in any way? Did you follow the family to the car to get their license plate number? Did you get the manager of the store you were in? Did you help that child?
Or were you too busy, didn't want to be a bother, didn't want to be embarrassed if you were wrong?

If you suspect any child is being abused, call your local Child Services. If the child has an illness that makes him or her look bruised and battered, like my own son, the family has piles of paperwork to back up their story. I will happily take him to the hospital for a check-up, I will happily talk to a therapist, case worker and even the police officer.
If you worry, don't hesitate to get involved...
No child should be left behind to suffer alone.