Sunday, March 15, 2009

What a stinking Week It Was

I need a little whine time here. Pass this over if you like.

Fairy Princess had the flu and missed school all week long. She cried every time I called her off, she loves school. Finally, I printed up Kindergarten papers off the web for her to work on. She's now past the number they were working on in class.

Then The Husband catches the flu. He gets to spend the entire day in bed. I swear he got sick on purpose... Even though he had a fever of 102 degrees, I'm still envious of his time in bed.

Little Man keeps crying for his Sissy and Daddy. Mommy is no longer any fun and no paint, play dough or circus tricks could change his mind.

Finally, Fairy Princess is much better. Well enough for her 1st slumber party at at friends house. Six 6 year olds... The mommy must be medicated. All of the girls had a great time and I only had 1 kid at home waking up at night. WooHoo me, the weekend is getting brighter.

I bathed in bleach all week, and washed all soft and hard surfaces my kid and husband touched. All should be well

Husband has a secondary infection (sinus infection) and PINK EYE! I bathe the house in bleach again, Lysol everything and purchase a case of Purel.

I think I have pink eye, still can't take a nap even if I did have a 102 degree fever because tomorrow is Monday.Husband works all week. Not that I'm complaining about work, I just want a @#$% nap.

On top of it all. Two, count them, TWO sales were canceled by the people who made purchases! Dirty Bastards.

Sunday night is almost done. I know, Sunday is the first day of the week, but I'm calling Monday the first day this week... It can only get better from here. Right?

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