Friday, March 28, 2008

Glitter is the Way to True Love

I have been very happy in my little world as of late. We have been playing in the dirt pile (when the weather allows), photographing the freshly sprouted rhubarb, sorrel and the lovely early crocus.

We have made glitterific papier mache party hats, beautifully beaded tiaras and a secret new artistic venture to been seen at a future date in our etsy shop.

What has brought all of this on? Well, maybe it's a bit of spring... The budding trees, flowers, passions and creativity all do go so well together...

The quiet in my mind and my baby-busy home has done wonders too.

But what really brought this on was that my sweet, handsome husband took Fairy Princess shoe shopping. These weren't any old shoes they went shopping for, oh no. They went shopping for pink princess glitter shoes.

It reminded me of just how much and why I love him so dearly. Honestly, how many daddies what to take a pre-schooler shopping for pink princess glitter shoes? Not many that I know.

Funny, isn't it? How love gives you a goose now and then and what can come from it?

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