Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's All About the Schedule

I'm trying to get more accomplished. I Honestly am trying. But my children truly believe that eating, diaper changes and clean clothes are a higher priority than mama playing with news paper. Too bad they don't like the feel of the glue on their hands. How is that I am raising such tidy kids?!

I need to reschedule things in my life to make art a higher priority. Do you have any tips?

Well, here is the latest little sculpture waiting for flight. Later today I am going to try to fit in my book. Please wish me luck, I haven't bound a book in several years.


marin said...

schedule an "art hour" everyday. The kids may not like glue on their hands, but maybe they'd like weaving pot holders or sculpting clay?
Then you get your artsy time and they can be creative (and entertained) too. :)

Aly The Red-Bliss Monkey Studio said...

I like Marin's tip. Kids see you as an artist, participate with their art, and know this time is for making art (with a beginning and an end to that time). You can also do child trades with another mama friend so once a week (or so) you get to plan a fun play date for your kids, and once a week you can count on having a whole morning to yourself at home! Or even hire childcare in your home so the kids are entertained and you have that scheduled time. I've done all these things when mine were little little. Also, make art when they go to bed, but make sure YOU get enough sleep and time with the other grown up in the house! :-)

Lani Robertson said...

Please let me know if you get it figured out...I have the same struggle! :)

Precious Memories. Always Remember. said...

Good luck!! Im sure you will do fine! I think that you should let your kids help you craft and then you can do your own thing while they do theres!

christine said...

An art hour is a lovely idea that I try to do several times a week. Fairy Princess is a wonderful artist and loves to paint. But like many little ones, she requires a lot of supervision and undivided attention, so that leaves little time for my work. But we do have fun!
I'll keep working on it. If I could get myself out of bed before God had intended,I'm sure my day would go easier... But that's a whole other issue!