Sunday, August 3, 2008

Easy Breathing

Talk around here no longer revolves around keeping Little Man safe.The talk around here is more like chatter of a healthy family. An average family, without a life threatening disorder. We chat about how your nose gets juice on it while you bite into an apple. We chatter about being a Fairy Princess Artist and being able to fly to making art on the moon and we do an awful lot of car chatter for a Little Man with a very limited vocabulary. Did you know they (men) are born loving transportation of all sorts and all that goes with it? I had no idea. And I've been told that I "Vroom" inadequately by my nearly 2 year old.
With all of this family chatter, I've found myself breathing easy. Actual deep breathing, the kind through my diaphragm. The way we are all supposed to breath. It's so amazing because I never thought I would be able to breath again. There are times, when I see Little Man moving a dining room chair to reach another cookie or climb the baby gate or when he picks on the dog. Well, There are times when the breathing just stops. But then, I remind myself that it's been over a year since he's had a hospital bleed, and he has had normal toddler bumps and falls that haven't sent him to the Clinic.
And I start breathing again.

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