Monday, January 5, 2009

Is This The Way to Start a New Year?

Bad news - Good news. Is this a sign of how the year is going to be?

Little Man and Daddy'O spent the day in ER. Fairy Princess was behaving like a princess of another kind and tried to shut her little brother out of her bedroom. Unfortunately, his little hand was in the crack of her door, the hinge side at that, and she tried to get the door to latch before she realized his hand was being crushed. Ahh, sibling love.
After screams, tears and ice. The swelling and bruising was quite bad, so to the hospital. Oh joy.

Here's the good news.
The internal bleeding stopped without Factor and his hand isn't broken. Thank goodness for those flexible little bones. After a couple of doses of Tylenol, you would never know Little Man had been hurt. Except that he keeps going over to his sister and telling her that she gave him a boo-boo. Which makes her cry and me sort of laugh. I am a mean mama after all.

I have been waiting for something to happen for months, and now that it has it's okay. We survived. And that's more good news...

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