Friday, February 27, 2009

In the blink of an eye

Ian woke this morning with a small eye hemorrhage. It's nothing dangerous or serious, he can't even feel the spot. It is however, a little disturbing to see that red spot in his eye. Yet again I am reminded that our day can change at the blink of a pretty brown eye and my daydreams may be just that.
And then I thought of the Aesop's Fable, A girl and her bucket.

A young girl was going to market with a bucket of milk on her head.
"With the gold that I get from the sale of this milk, I'll buy a red hen," she said. "The hen will lay eggs, they'll hatch and then I'll have many chicks to raise. I'll feed them well and when they're grown, they will each lay eggs. and those eggs will hatch and I will have more hens, who'll lay more eggs that will hatch into chicks...
Before long I'll be rich and I'll wear fine clothes with emeralds and rubies from my collar to my toes. and one day perhaps I shall visit the Queen. I shall bring her rare gifts from China. I'll enter the court with my arms full of treasure. Bowing low I shall say, "FOR YOUR MAJESTY'S PLEASURE!"
And she bowed low...
With that sweep of her arm, she knocked off the bucket and spilled her fantasy load.
"Oh dear," she cried, "my dreams are splattered in puddles of milk on the road...."

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